Why livefreecamx.com have changed what is all about with the new design?

What is all about with the new design of livefreecamx.com?

Why livefreecamx.com have changed their site design? Well first of all the old design is still available on https://www.livefreecamx.com ! Thei changed only the site without www. because this version of the site wasn’t mobile friendly! And they took this decision just to help people to navigate from mobile too! It’s not a marketing move but it was a mandatory request from the most search engines to keep the site competive!

As you are already used with livefreecamx.com they kept the design very simple and very intuitive! So basically ebryone can figure out how to use the site! The only new thing is that the site in now 100% mobile friendly so you can use it on all devices! Until now the site was optimized only for desktop use and it was hard to surf the site from a mobile device!

We just love the new design and we love it because is simple and very easy to be used! So we hope that you like it and you’ll keep to be a member of the best and the most populated cam sex community in the world! You can still enjoy your favorite performers and they are bringing daile new hot cam girls to the site so everything is awesome!

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